There are 3 sizes of replacement heat packs available for Warm Buddy plush animals.

  • Little (3.5″ X 5″)
  • Small (5″ X 6″)
  • Large (5.5″ X 7″)

If you have any questions regarding which heat pack you require please feel free to contact us by email, our contact form or by phone.

Retail Price:

Little Heat Pack: $10.00

Small Heat Pack: $15.00

Large Heat Pack: $15.00


My 9 year old niece loves her warm buddy and is devastated that she has lost the “heating pad” that zips into the back of her bear. She has stomach issues and her mother bought her this bear so she can use it to sooth her stomach aches. I assured her I would contact you and find a way of replacing the heat pack.

[We sent a replacement heat pack… and this is the response.]

You are a star. I will call her right away and give her the good news. She truly thought that they would never find it and her stomach would never be OK again! In the past she has been on long term medication for stomach sensitivities etc., and is just now getting to the point where she is medicine free for the most part, and relies on pain relievers and heating pads. Her mom is a pediatrician so this was a suggestion/gift from her mom to help relieve her stomach pain.

She will be delighted to know you responded so quickly and with positive news. I also shared with her the multitude of animals available in your Warm Buddy line. Thank you so much. I am sure you have a customer for life with her! You’re a star!