Safe and Easy to Use

Washable Cover


Heat Packs Made in Canada

Our Small Tan Lab is 13″ long and is created from the softest fur. A great gift for children of all ages.

Small Lab features a removable inner pack that can be used warm or cool. The heat pack is proudly made in Canada from all natural ingredients, is hypoallergenic and safe and easy to use. Our Small Puppy has a washable cover so it is easy to keep clean (machine wash and dry gentle cycle / cool or warm). Comes unscented as some children may have allergies. Aromatherapy scent can be added by placing a few drops of essential oil on the inner heat pack.

Small Lab is a natural and safe way to treat all kinds of bumps and bruises, headaches, tummy aches and ear aches. Very effective helping settle children at bedtime with it’s comforting warmth.

Retail Price: $39.95


I bought my adorable girl a Warm Buddy, when my husband and I were trying to move my daughter from our bed to her own bed. With the help of the inner heat pack we were able to make the transition from co-sleeping a breeze. A year and a half later my daughter will not go anywhere with out her “TEDDY” warm bear. Without the inner heat pack she cozies up with it at night, and on days that she is not feeling well the warmth of the heat pack makes her feel 100 times better. I have recently got in contact with Warm Buddy to find the same Warm bear to have as a back up. At the time she told me they didn’t make the same one. But was able to offer me the sample bear they had made. I just want to say Thank you for making such a great product, and all the help!!!! I would recommend anyone to buy a Warm Buddy!!!