Extra long size for warming up neck, shoulders and backs. A popular wrap used in spas and at home. Feel the rejuvenating effects when heated. Easy to use. Our signature anti-stress aromatherapy blend (lavender, peppermint, eucalyptus, rosemary and cloves) helps with relaxation and stress relief. Cozy washable covers are available in a variety of elegant washable covers.

Dimensions: 23″ X 7″
Product weight: 2.85 lbs

Made in Canada

Retail Price: $46.95


I received a Warm Buddy Co. Spa Wrap as a gift about five years ago. I didn’t use it much at first, except when I had headaches. I had 2 similar car accidents in 2.5 years which resulted in wide spread soft-tissue injuries that included whiplash, headaches, muscle spasm, shoulder tendonitis, arm pain, TMJ syndrome, a slipped rib, spinal sprain to all levels, ligament damage to the SI joints, bi-lateral hip pain, pelvic pain and severe left leg spasm in the adductors and hamstrings, ringing and pain in my ears, and knee pain. I now have a chronic pain syndrome, am unable to work and have difficulty sitting, standing and walking without increasing pain. I’ve seen many specialists and therapists, tried different medications and have exhausted most treatment options and stumped my Dr.’s.

I’ve tried many types of heat treatments that have cost as much as $2800.00 and the best, long-lasting heat therapy I have is provided by my Warm Buddy wrap. I’ve used an infra-red jade acupressure massage bed, an infra-red heating pad, hot water bottles, a standard heating pad, as well as two other types of heat wraps: a neck wrap from Beauti-Control and a Magic Bag Neck to Back Wrap. All of these products do not measure up to my Warm Buddy wrap. The Beauti-Control and Magic Bag neck wraps seemed to provide moist heat at first, but didn’t retain the heat very long and, after awhile, they required longer amounts of time to heat up in the microwave, lost the moistness that I found helpful and started to smell like the seeds inside were burning. After years of extensive daily use, my Warm Buddy wrap still takes the same amount of time to heat as it did when I first received it. It still provides moist, long-lasting heat and doesn’t smell like it’s burning. Also, the weight of it is comfortable enough that I can tolerate it on areas that are hyper-sensitive to touch. It helps with severe pain and spasm, but it also provides headache relief and when the ringing and pressure in my ear gets really bad, I hold it against my ears and the heat takes some of the pressure away and then the ringing subsides. I use it throughout the day, I sleep with it, I take it with me if I am going out somewhere I can access a microwave (including camping), and I heat it up to take with me if I have to go for a long drive. It is by far the most useful (and well-used) piece of therapeutic equipment I own and for the price that my mother-in-law paid for it, the most economical as well. Though I still require anti-inflammatory and pain medication to manage my pain, having my Warm Buddy wrap has meant that I can usually take less of that medication than I would normally need to in order to manage my pain. Thank you for providing such a worthwhile product!