This luxurious warming blanket is used by the finest Spa’s to provide comfort and enhance all spa treatments. Use at home for warming beds, promoting restful sleep and the relief of aches, pain and stress.

This heat wrap’s extra large coverage (15″ X 19″) is the largest that we offer and perfect for assisting in the relief of pain and stress. Cover is 100% machine washable. To warm in microwave fold the Warming Blanket in four to allow even heating on the turn table. Washable covers are available in a variety of elegant colours.

Product weight: 4.35 lbs

Made in Canada

Retail Price: $59.95


I “LOVE” my Warming Blanket! I can drape it over my lower back and hip, or up my spine. It covers a wide area and provides amazing relief for all my aches and pain.

I wish I could buy everyone a Warm Buddy. I have been taking one to bed for many years now and it is the best cure for my stubborn insomnia. It’s gentle heat warms up the whole bed and it just soothes the sole when you climb in with it. It is at the top of my list for gift giving for loved ones.

I just bought one for my favourite uncle who was just recently diagnosed with cancer. He has lost so much weight and says he always feels chilled, and doesn’t want to take the chance of burning himself again with his heating pad.

I also gifted one to my best friend for Valentines. She is feeling low after a recent split with her boyfriend. She now climbs into bed with a Warm Buddy. Using them is safe and easier than boiling water – – you just need a microwave. It also does double duty as a cold pack for aches and pains. Everyone should know about this miracle cure.