Warm buddies for your amazing product.

The quality is amazing.

We have been loving your products for over 15 years, when I opened my spa and lifestyle boutique we wanted to have warm cozy robes for our guest to slip in to before their service we warmed them in the dryer for 15 minutes and we also warmed up the neck wraps in the microwave, they loved it, we also used the eye masks in our service also, we sold the amazing warm buddies products in the store front, which by using them in our services up our sales Thank you so much for your amazing products, we love it.

I had the pleasure of meeting Karen McKee recently.  She has owned Warm Buddy Company for over 25 years. Her product should be in everyone’s home.

They are beautifully made and so very beneficial to the well being and comfort of people, for so very many reasons.

I purchased my first Warm Buddy for my daughter when she was about one years old. It is a stuffy that has a heating/cooling packet that fits inside the body of the stuffed animal. It was the best bargaining tool I ever had for getting my daughter into bed and sleeping almost instantly. I only warmed it up and gave it to her when she was in her pyjamas and in under the covers. I consider this product to be one of the best baby gifts and give one to all the babies in my world. As Karen’s website claims , it is ❤️PTPA❤️(parent tested/parent approved)

A few years later, I bought a different warming wrap for myself to aid in menstrual cramps. I am an aesthetician so I decided to get one for the eyes and neck, to use in my facial treatments, to provide my clients with deep relaxation. My client feedback has been very positive…

Karen also sells a couple of amazing aromatherapy products to go with the rest.

I am such a strong believer in Karens concept and products. And I love to support local businesses and women in business.

Get one for yourself and see how wonderful these products are.

I have been a personal and professional witness to the healing powers of Warm Buddy products over many years. Personally, the relaxing deep heat and aromatherapy has amazing power as a sleep aid and stress reducer, bringing full body relaxation. Recently, having abdominal surgery, my surgeon recommended a heating device to reduce inflammation, swelling, pain, and to promote recovery. My Warm Buddy was the perfect remedy and fix. I am so grateful.

As a child psychologist, I have used Warm Buddy animals as calming tools for anxious, upset, or fearful children in clinical and educational settings. Whether children are on the Autism spectrum, experiencing trauma, loss, dysregulation, or anxiety, a Warm Buddy can bring comfort and can be incorporated into a self-regulation and self-soothing routine. In my Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) workshops, I bring samples of Warm Buddy animals and explain the sleep benefits for children/adolescent prior to, or  in conjunction with, trialing sleep medication. Thank you, Karen for your dedication in bringing these products into our personal and professional lives.

I received a Warm Buddy Co. neck wrap as a gift about five years ago. I didn’t use it much at first, except when I had headaches. I had 2 similar car accidents in 2.5 years which resulted in wide spread soft-tissue injuries that included whiplash, headaches, muscle spasm, shoulder tendonitis, arm pain, TMJ syndrome, a slipped rib, spinal sprain to all levels, ligament damage to the SI joints, bi-lateral hip pain, pelvic pain and severe left leg spasm in the adductors and hamstrings, ringing and pain in my ears, and knee pain. I now have a chronic pain syndrome, am unable to work and have difficulty sitting, standing and walking without increasing pain. I’ve seen many specialists and therapists, tried different medications and have exhausted most treatment options and stumped my Dr.’s. I have naturally hyper-mobile joints and the accidents have made them more so, which has resulted in my SI joints and back going out on me frequently.

I was told to use ice to manage my pain, but I didn’t find much relief with it. My massage therapist suggested I try heat instead. I’ve tried many types of heat treatments that have cost as much as $2800.00 and the best, long-lasting heat therapy I have is provided by my Warm Buddy wrap. I’ve used an infra-red jade acupressure massage bed, an infra-red heating pad, hot water bottles, a standard heating pad, as well as two other types of heat wraps: a neck wrap from Beauti-Control and a Magic Bag Neck to Back Wrap. All of these products do not measure up to my Warm Buddy wrap. The Beauti-Control and Magic Bag neck wraps seemed to provide moist heat at first, but didn’t retain the heat very long and, after awhile, they required longer amounts of time to heat up in the microwave, lost the moistness that I found helpful and started to smell like the seeds inside were burning. After years of extensive daily use, my Warm Buddy wrap still takes the same amount of time to heat as it did when I first received it, it still provides moist, long-lasting heat and doesn’t smell like it’s burning. Also, the weight of it is comfortable enough that I can tolerate it on areas that are hyper-sensitive to touch. It helps with severe pain and spasm, but it also provides headache relief and when the ringing and pressure in my ear gets really bad, I hold it against my ears and the heat takes some of the pressure away and then the ringing subsides. I use it throughout the day, I sleep with it, I take it with me if I am going out somewhere I can access a microwave (including camping), and I heat it up to take with me if I have to go for a long drive. It is by far the most useful (and well-used) piece of therapeutic equipment I own and for the price that my mother-in-law paid for it, the most economical as well. Though I still require anti-inflammatory and pain medication to manage my pain, having my Warm Buddy wrap has meant that I can usually take less of that medication than I would normally need to in order to manage my pain. Thank you for providing such a worthwhile product!

I would say, I love my Warm buddies. When my mom was ailing I heated her warm buddy up to give her comfort. I also purchased two to help my ailing aunt. Warm Buddy’s give great comfort not only calming aching muscles, and upset tummies, but just the comfort in hugging warm stuffed bear. Thanks Warm Buddies for the comfort you gave my mom, my aunt, continue to comfort and help my grandchildren go to sleep, and for helping me. My grandchildren love to go to bed with granny’s warm bear. I go to bed every night with two Warm Buddies- one for sore aching feet and one for back/stomach aches. Thank-you for all the comforting you have provided to my family.

My family loooves Warm Buddies!!! So much that my 11 year old daughter has Large Wooly, my 8 year old son has the black puppy, my 4 year old son has a cream Large Beary, the Large chocolate Bear, and the Small Black Puppy! I have the neck wrap which I use very often. Being a hairstylist I often have tension in my neck and shoulders and my wrap soothes all the aches away. It is also great for snowy winter days to warm me up while I read or I love it for camping…and use it often on chilly nights by the fire:) I have bought 3 Warm Buddies now for baby gifts. We can never leave home without my 4 year olds Warm Buddy or we’re frantically searching for a store nearby to buy him one as he will NOT go to sleep without it!!! Great product!

Thank you again so much for the Warm Buddies you supplied for our 65 Roses Silent Auction, they were well received. I liked them so much I saw a couple at Daniadown and got them for my mom and sister in law for Christmas. My mom loved it so much that she came up with an interesting idea I would like to pass on to you and see if you would be interested in helping us out. CF currently has a little bear we sell at events to help with fundraising… and I was wondering if you might be interested in helping us make it a larger project!

This is the second time I have ordered a Warm Buddy item from Wild Flowers Aromatherapy. The first Warm Buddy Teddy Bear is at my daughters side at this very moment, she loves it!

My daughter is 15 months old and I got her first teddy bear when she was only six months old. This little guy is her best friend and comes with her every where she goes, including to the hospital at Sick Kids in Toronto where she is being treated for Juvenile Arthritis since she was 10 months old. She hugs Teddy whenever she is scared, anxious or in pain. Teddy has dried her tears already so many times! This why it is so important to have a “back up” Warm Buddy teddy bear just in case something happens to the original Teddy. I am so happy to see that I did the right choice when I selected a Warm Buddy for my baby.

My sinuses are giving me a real run for my money the last few days. So I pull this Warm Buddy out and my first instinct was to lay it across my head. My initial thought was how wonderful this will feel when I have a migraine. Then I notice the pressure in my head easing … what is that I smell? It’s not an overwhelming scent, it’s light but I can smell it, and feel it. Since my nose is all stopped up, I had to ask Larry if it was scented. It’s a light soothing scent. I pulled the body wrap straight out of the package and have been using it all day without heat or cold, and it rules. Rules!

I tested my Body Wrap tonight to help with cramps and it was a Godsend! I removed the heat pack from the luxurious cover and microwaved it for 3 minutes. Once it was nice and hot, I put it back into the cover and hopped into bed. This was an amazing heat! It wasn’t scalding, just nice and lasted for a long time. I fell asleep before I ever moved my Body Wrap!

Another feature I adore about my Body Wrap is the lavender scent. It smells heavenly! I can’t recommend these enough to everyone I know! I personally think the drugstore heat packs stink horribly when microwaved! The Warm Buddy Body Wrap smells like lavender and has several luxurious covers to choose from! The covers are machine washable. I also love how big this wrap is! MUCH better than any neck wrap you can buy at a drugstore.

I also have their Baby Beary the Bear and oh my gosh, it is the most adorable thing I have ever seen! My baby girl Violet is obsessed with her Baby Beary! Isn’t he precious? He comes with a removable heat pack that I warm in the microwave and then put back into the Baby Beary for a nice, soothing warmth! I can see how these would benefit sick babies and any other child because my baby is in love with him! She loves to cuddle right up with him!

First of all, I am a lavender addict. I’ve used lavender oil in everything from candles to baths for years now and I find it so relaxing. Secondly, since about month 3 of my pregnancy my back, neck and shoulders have been in a constant state of “knot”. I used to go for monthly massages which was great, except that as my pregnancy progressed they got less relaxing and calming as the masseuse had to spend 90% of my time kneading the crap out of my back and shoulders… to the point of being sore the next day. Since Jane’s arrival, the lower back pain has calmed but now my neck and shoulders are tight and sore from carrying around an extra 20 lbs all the time, not to mention the neck tension caused by breastfeeding.

When my Warm Buddy Body Wrap arrived I was ecstatic. First of all, it’s lavender scented. That pretty much sold me right there. Secondly, it’s a lot bigger than the typical heating “bags” – wider and longer. What’s so nice about that? It covers your entire back, belly and chest and so on so you don’t have to move it around to hit all the key spots. It’s covered in a super soft, washable (essential) cover that’s more comfortable than the typical hard cotton/canvas covers that I’m used to. You can choose from a variety of fabrics as well, which is nice for the girls – we always like selection!

I’ve been using my Body Wrap before bed around my neck and shoulders and I’m in love with it. I’m only wishing I had known about them when I was pregnant as it would have saved me a lot of boring time soaking in a hot tub, ruining my hair and drying my skin out! It’s actually around my neck right now and it’s not even heated (like I said, the lavender scent gets me every time). I’m definitely using this as my replacement for the water bottle, I have used to warm up Jane’s crib sheets before bed. It stressed me out having such hot water any where near Jane because of risk of scalding so this is the perfect solution.

I have a Warm Wooly Sheep for Janers and it’s so cute! Super soft, I immediately put the heating pack (removable sack inside the bear) into the microwave and gave the Warm Wooly to Jane for her nap. First of all, Jane doesn’t have any toys in her crib. It works for some but, for me, I just think that toys in the crib is comparable to a TV in the bedroom – keeps you awake longer. But because of the calming, soothing nature of the Warm Wooly, I have no problem throwing him in there with her. I didn’t know how she’d react but when she passed out face to face with her “Sheepy” (as I’m calling him), I wasn’t too concerned. :p You can also add a few drops of essential oils to the heating pack for aromatherapy – so, of course, I immediately added lavender! I’m hoping the Warm Wooly becomes her “security object” because he’s so cute, and has the added benefit of calming heat therapy and lavender. The Warm Buddies also come in other cute designs like Froggie Frog, Baby Bear, and Hot Chick (tee hee hee). Like the body wrap, the Warm Buddies can be used for cold therapy as well. Not surprisingly, the Warm Buddies have received the PTPA stamp of approval!

Warm Buddy’s Body Wrap is a great alternative for your traditional electric heating pad, and also doubles as a cold pack if you leave it in the freezer. One of my favorite things about this is there’s no cord attached, like your traditional heating pad – which is great because I’ve always hated how I get tangled up in the cord if I want to lay down with a heating pad and decide to change from back to belly, or move around. That of course isn’t an issue with this. Plus it smells great.

Another benefit of Warm Buddy products in comparison to regular heating pads, is the herbs and grains inside are heavy – which feels GREAT on my shoulders or back – I feel like the added weight/pressure helps a lot when I’m sore. I love warming my Body Wrap up before bed, I love cuddling up with it – I’m one of those people who are always cold so I love anything warm! I did find that the tag says to warm the pack for a max of 3 minutes, and it was still really not that hot, at all. I could easy lay it on my bare skin without feeling overheated – so I put it in for five minutes and it’s been doing fine, though you aren’t suppose to do that.

I received a Chocolate coloured Ultra Shoulder Wrap from Warm Buddy to review on my Blog. I was so happy to get this because after long hours of sitting in the same place at the computer my neck starts hurting or I sleep wrong it hurts so I have a lot of pain around my neck sometimes.

Well when I got this it looked so nice actually too nice to put in the microwave. But figured they say its safe and made for the microwave I would try it. After 2 minutes in microwave pulled it out and it was nice and warm, I put it around my neck sat back on the couch and between the heat, pressure from the weight of it and the smell of lavender relieved the pain in my shoulders and neck. The smell of the lavender completely put me to sleep as well, its funny cause no matter how awake I am when I use this on my neck but it knocks me out every time I’m asleep within minutes Joe says all the time. lol. Anyways every time I doze off it’s for about an hour and half or so and when I wake up the shoulder wrap is still warm for another good hour I’d say. So all in all those 2 minutes in the microwave will get you about 2 to 2 1/2 hours of heat for your muscles. The weight is perfect for pressure points in your muscles, soft on your body and it’s plenty big enough to go around your neck and shoulders.

These are so great to have for anyone with sore muscles my husband and mom loves this wrap as well. These would make such great gifts for anyone or even just for yourself. Warm Buddy has a lot of other great products as well but I’m sold with the wrap I love it!!!

Let me just start off by saying – YOU are going to want one of these!

The first thing I noticed when opening the package was how soft the cover was! I had to immediately lay it against my face and it was so soft! Then the smell of lavender encircled me and I immediately felt relaxed without even using it yet! That is always a good sign!

It was so easy to heat – you just stick it in the microwave and it was ready to use! And Oh… was it relaxing! The perfect combination of heat and the lavender immediately made me feel like I was in a spa! I recommend these Warm Buddy Body Wraps to EVERYONE!!! They are especially great for stressed out, sore muscled, tired mothers who need a spa experience in the comfort of their own home! They are also really great for anyone who needs a heat pack or a cold pack along with a little aromatherapy on the side!

As some of you may know, I was in a pretty bad car crash in June of 2002. Since I’m to scared to get the surgery they say I need, I’m constantly looking for things that will help ease the discomfort that I feel on a daily basis, especially in my neck. I’m happy to say that I have found the perfect product and will no longer be purchasing anything else! It’s called the Warm Buddy Body Wrap!

This wrap is truly awesome. I love the versatility! I no longer have to have 2 different items depending on what I need at the time. If I need some heat therapy, I pop it in the microwave! If I need cold therapy, I leave it the freezer for a few hours! Since it has lavender flowers in it, it smells wonderful.

It’s especially great at night for warming up and those scents are so relaxing! The cover is so soft; I don’t have to wrap anything around it to stop it from burning me. It’s just comfortable! I use this around my neck 99% of the time, and it’s long enough that it comfortably drapes there. I’m not having to adjust it all of the time to keep it from falling.

As stated above, the heat lasts a long time! I was really surprised! Most things I’ve used (and trust me, I’ve used a TON) always seem to lose heat very quickly…like within 20 minutes. I’ve had it last for a minimum of 1 hr. It really does hold heat very well. Same for the cool… it lasted a long time too!


Recently my daughter began experiencing shoulder and back pain. It became so bad we had to visit the doctor and receive prescription pain pills. The doctor also suggested a heating pad. The one we had was not doing the job! As I browsed through the web trying to find a product, which might help, I discovered the Warm Buddy.

The staff at Warm Buddy suggested I try a Warm Buddy Body Wrap. This wrap is created from the softest designer fabrics and contains natural grains & lavender flowers. I was very pleased to find that the Warm Buddy Body Wrap comes with a washable cover. Anyone with children will agree they have a tendency to spill or drop things and washable products are a must. The Warm Buddy Body Wrap measures 10″ by 20″ and covers a large area.

As soon as it arrived we put it to the test. I had my daughter heat it for two minutes in the microwave and then try it out. She agreed that it worked much better than the heating pad she had been using. I’ve used it twice and it really does hold heat for a long period of time. The lavender smell was soothing and not overpowering in the least. It’s very well constructed so we will be able to use it for years.

My daughter hugs and snuggles the Baby Wooly – whom she named “Leenie” and has been sleeping with ever since. Baby Wooly is super soft and the inner pack warms nicely in the microwave. My Body Wrap is wonderful for soothing sore muscles and joints. I try to work out 3-5 times a week and after a hard weight-lifting workout this warm, delicately scented Body Wrap is heavenly.

Over the last year, I have given a “Warm Buddy” as a gift of comfort and care to numerous patients undergoing cancer treatment.  These beautifully made Warm Buddy’s have given a sense of calm to so many adults who also have that ‘child’ within that is often forgotten in challenging times – such as a serious illness.  One is going out today to a 80year old man who is finishing his last round of radiation treatments.   I am so happy to give this large puppy, not only celebrate the last of his treatments, but to say I care.  Your company creates beautiful items.  I often think of Mother Theresa’s comment:  Perhaps we can do no great things, only small things with great love.  Giving a Warm Buddy for me has made it possible to give a small, beautifully made item to someone with great love.

Our 3 year old daughter Chloe has a Warm Buddy that she calls Sheepy. It has become an integral part of her life! She received it as a gift when she was only days old. We don’t go on overnight trips without Sheepy. Sheepy has been well loved and it shows. He has been everywhere. Our son loves him too, so we thought it was time to get him his own…

Thanks for the help and for creating these wonderful kids plush toys. Bedtimes have been so easy since she fell in love with her baby sheep!

I bought my 2 daughters Warm Buddies 2 years ago and they have not spent a night without them when they are home. My neighbor bought them for her children this past Christmas and I bought 3 for my nieces and nephews. This year the list is expanding. Flu season and cold season was the best. Kids needed them even more then. I wash the covers, occasionally scent the packs, even put the packs in the freezer in the summer for a cool buddy!!! It works just as well!!!

I have no idea if you want to know this or not, but I thought if it were me, I think it would be a fun thing to hear. My daughter has one of the small puppies in black and white. It goes everywhere (canoe trips, day care, groceries, etc) and we used to have 2 just in case one was lost and they sort of got even wear. One ended up out the window on the highway (long story) and so we are down to 1 which is getting worn out. We got her one of the chocolate and cream puppies as a gift when she got toilet trained which she likes ok, but it doesn’t measure up to her well worn “Buddy”. I don’t think it’s the colour, just the amount of love it’s received… Anyway, I thought you would want to know how happy you’ve made our little girl, it would be impossible to explain to you how much she loves it. I’d be more than happy to send a picture of it if you were interested.

My son received a warm buddy bear as a birthday present and it became a fast favorite. It was the one thing that got him to sleep through the night on his very own. We had tried everything and were getting very desperate to find the one thing that would work for him. The first night he was fussy, we warmed up the little pouch, placed the bear in the bassinet with him and he snuggled right up to the bear and settled down to sleep. The bear is now his most favorite item and we can’t go anywhere to sleep over without it.

I have a girlfriend that was involved in a terrible car accident. She almost didn’t make it. She suffered extensive head injuries. I purchased your body pillow a few days later and it is the only thing that puts her at ease. Her headaches are 10 times worse than the average headache and she absolutely loves her warm buddy. Since then we have purchased most of the products for ourselves. It’s a great and effective alternative to medicines. Thank you so much for you wonderful products.

A very special thanks. There months ago I seriously injured my shoulder and am waiting for surgery. Your Body Pillow heat wrap has been my savior, helping to relax the muscle spasms so I can sleep at night. It holds a comfortable level of warmth for up to two hours in bed after just three minutes in the microwave. I can’t thank you enough.


I just bought a Warm Buddy Baby Beary for my grandchild. I just wanted to tell you how much I appreciate finding a toy made in Canada, and cute, cuddly and fun to boot! A great gift to give that I can feel both proud of and know it is perfectly safe, I can’t thank you enough!

On behalf of myself, my wife and daughter, we are most appreciative of the caring support your firm provided with the recent sending of a pair of warm buddy slippers to me. As an ALS patient, the one problem I do experience is with weakening of muscles in the lower limb area, and hence an associated coldness is occurring right now in my feet. Your slippers, and their unique design incorporating heat has been wonderful in helping me cope with this problem. I will be sharing this information with other patients at our upcoming monthly Victoria Chapter meeting and showing them your product and of course highly recommending it. So again thanks so much for your true support for patients and their situations, and as my daughter said to you, “You just continue to make the world go around. ”

I also just wanted to let you know that my son just loves this product. It is great for snuggling at night and when it is cold outside I just throw it in the carseat or stroller to give him some extra warmth.

We’ve been using Warm Buddy products in our esthetics Studio for about 8 years now. Our guests love the warm neck wrap with their pedicures and almost always want to purchase one to take home.

We use the spa mitts with all of our manicures and slide them on after the cuticle oils and lotions are massaged in. Not only does it feel wonderful, but the heat helps the lotions to penetrate better. The Body Pillow heat pack is placed on the bed to warm the sheets, then we let our guest place it on her chest and tummy so she is enveloped in cozy warmth. We’ve just added the robes for guests to wear between services, and the first day we brought them in guests already wanted to purchase them.

Using Warm Buddy Spa products for our services creates the feeling of luxury, and enhances the value of the service, not to mention the fabulous retail opportunities.

I just have to e-mail and say that I absolutely love my Warm Buddy Teddy Bear (mine is brown)! While shopping with my mother I fell in love, and even thought she said I was “too old” (c’mon, I’m only 22) for another bear. She bought him for me for my birthday. It was so cozy and comforting to have a little Warm Buddy in bed with me at night and recently he helped me greatly when I had a bout of unexplainable arm pain (probably computer related). Hot water bottles are so awkward and heavy (and I’ve often awoke in a puddle) but your Warm Buddy line is the best! What a great product.

In 2004, I had stomach surgery that resulted in some complications. I was off work and in pain for a number of months. My dear mother in law bought me a Small Warm Puppy to comfort me and bring some much needed relief from my pain. I use it all the time, even now that I’m completely well. My puppy is a small warm reminder that I am loved, every time I hug him. Thank you for the service you provide. You have no idea how you truly touch hearts.

Warm Buddies are amazing! We received an Ultra Sports Therapy Wrap and a blanket in a gift basket and now I want to give them to everyone I know. Your products heat and cold therapy is great on aches and pains, or I use it to warm up the bed on a cold night. It stays hot for a long long time… and the blanket is the softest thing I’ve ever touched. I use it whenever I am laying down on the couch and 3 months later it is still as soft as day 1. Keep up the good work!

Hello, My children each have an original Warm Buddy Bear. They have had them since they were infants and sleep with them every night. They are a great source of comfort to them. You make a wonderful product that is well loved. All my best,

I love the fragrance. The Body Wrap has a long heating ability for a minimum of 1 hour (no more running to the kitchen to heat up those cooled down hot water bottles after 10-15 minutes… plus this doesn’t leak!). Follow the instructions and pop the hot pack into the microwave, snuggle into bed with a good book and warm away those aches and pains!

Whenever my girl has had a bump or a bad ‘Owie’ wrapping ice in a cloth has always been pushed away, the ice-cubes have melted onto her clothes and well, at the end of it all she’s a cold, wet mess… with a big ‘Owie’ still on display!

Thankfully we’ve not had the opportunity or need to use the Warm Buddy Baby Bear she received yet but since ‘Brownie’ has already been welcomed with such love I know when she does need to use ‘Brownie’ to help rub down those unwelcome ‘Owies’, she’ll do it without a fight.

My favorite product for patient use and recommendation is the Ultra Shoulder Wrap. It has the perfect consistency in coverage, weight and heat retention. It perfectly covers the major problem area that many patients suffer from: neck and shoulder tension. I like the fact that it sits right across the shoulders and does not feel like its going to slide off as I have experienced this with cheaper products.

I personally love the Sports Therapy Wrap. I took one home and it’s just wonderful. I used it as a cold pack and the wrap stayed cool for a long time. I passed it off to my husband after 20 minutes of use and he continued to use it throughout the evening. I just love the weight of the packs. Absolutely perfect (and as a registered massage therapist) it is extremely important for me to have high quality products.

Warm Buddy Company is the best! The last contest they had, I wrote in & received an email stating that I totally deserve a Warm Buddy Body Wrap. It’s absolutely AMAZING! Moist heat, wonderful lavender aromatherapy smell, can be used for heat or cold and the slip cover can be washed! This is an amazing product & I recommend everybody visit their website. They even have an entire line of Baby Buddy’s – wonderful X-Mas ideas!
Thank you again sincerely Karen, this is wonderful! 🙂

Hi! I was just checking who carried Warm Buddies in Edmonton, and I noticed, that my workplace, TGR (the great room) Is not listed on your site as a seller of your awesome products! Also I would like to add, that I own a Pair of your Sheep Slippers, and they are sooo warm and comfy! They are the best slippers I have ever bought! You have just WONDERFUL products!! Thanks for supplying the best slippers ever!

Thank you for replacing my inner heat pack, I received the package mid week. As well, thank you for the exceptional customer service!! I will continue to purchase and recommend your products to my family and friends. Your products are sold at the gift store in my town “Wheatley Harbour Flowers and Gifts”, this is where I purchase my products (a great store!).

I bought my adorable girl a Warm Buddy, when my husband and I were trying to move my daughter from our bed to her own bed. With the help of the inner heat pack we were able to make the transition from co-sleeping a breeze. A year and a half later my daughter will not go anywhere with out her “TEDDY” warm bear. Without the inner heat pack she cozies up with it at night, and on days that she is not feeling well the warmth of the heat pack makes her feel 100 times better. I have recently got in contact with Warm Buddy to find the same Warm bear to have as a back up. At the time she told me they didn’t make the same one. But was able to offer me the sample bear they had made. I just want to say Thank you for making such a great product, and all the help!!!! I would recommend anyone to buy a Warm Buddy!!!

My 9 year old niece loves her warm buddy and is devastated that she has lost the “heating pad” that zips into the back of her bear. She has stomach issues and her mother bought her this bear so she can use it to sooth her stomach aches. I assured her I would contact you and find a way of replacing the heat pack.

[We sent a replacement heat pack… and this is the response.

You are a star. I will call her right away and give her the good news. She truly thought that they would never find it and her stomach would never be OK again! In the past she has been on long term medication for stomach sensitivities etc., and is just now getting to the point where she is medicine free for the most part, and relies on pain relievers and heating pads. Her mom is a pediatrician so this was a suggestion/gift from her mom to help relieve her stomach pain.

She will be delighted to know you responded so quickly and with positive news. I also shared with her the multitude of animals available in your Warm Buddy line. Thank you so much. I am sure you have a customer for life with her! You’re a star!

My name is Kimberley Normoyle and I have to say that I have never used such a great product in my life. I purchased my Warm Buddy a little over 12 years ago, and have used him on such a regular basis that I can attest to the fact that this little guy really stands the test of time!

I absolutely love this product and would recommend it to anybody who is looking for a great substitute to conventional water bottles and electric heating pads. Thank you again!

Wow! Thank you soooooooooooooooooooo much. I am not exaggerating when I say that my son NEEDS his Warm Buddy Bear. He wants it when he naps, sleeps or needs a little extra love. Now that he is in daycare, it gives him a piece of home to bring with him for comfort.

My Children have had their Warm Buddies for years and still, even at 9 and 11 years old, will not sleep without them.

Looking at the state of my son’s Warm Buddy is a testimonial in itself. He has taken that bear everywhere and it has almost never left his side. He sleeps with it every night. He takes it to his grandparent’s houses, to daycare, and on road trips including Los Angeles and Cuba. I am surprised that it hasn’t gotten lost.

This message is long overdue (6 months) and I do apologize for my tardiness in expressing my gratitude for your sending me the two “inners’ for the Warm buddies that my grandchildren had. They were so thrilled to receive them – you truly gave them great pleasure. I cannot think of a better gift for a grandchild. And with the customer service you provide, I will continue to talk to everyone about both your products and your service. Thank you again so very much!!

The Body Wrap I won came in the mail today – absolutely loving it already! I’m dealing with constant pain right now in my left arm and shoulder from an injury I had earlier in the year. Heat and cold are the only things that seem to really work. As soon as I got my Body Wrap today, I started trying it. The heat it gives off is amazing – totally blows my old heating pad away – & the smell is wonderfully soothing. Can’t thank you enough Warm Body Co.!!!!!

Thank you so much for letting us display your beautiful products. They went over very well at our retreat. They are absolutely heavenly!! You have a super product.

Thank you so much for the Ultra Body Wrap! I love it! It smells fantastic as well – and very cozy. I also sent my two granddaughters a Warm Buddy Bear. They arrived just in time. That night little Samantha woke up with a high fever. My daughter, who had been saving the Warm Buddy for a special occasion, decided to give it to Samantha this evening. She put the pack in the freezer and as my daughter said “Warm Buddy became a cold buddy.” It did help Samantha sleep as well as comforting her! I was so happy to hear that.

I bought a Warm Buddy for my mum 2 years ago (she was 91 years old at the time) after she had a stroke. Sadly, we had to move her into a home. Warm Buddy went with her and had pride of place on her bed. All the nursing staff loved Warm Buddy and he always got lots of hugs! Warm Buddy was her constant companion right up to last August when, sadly, she passed away. He brought such comfort to her – something warm and cuddly to remind her she was much loved. So – thank you!

My second Warm Buddy has been adopted by my 84 year old friend, Hazel. She named it “Peppy” the minute she was introduced to her puppy. About one month ago Hazel stubbed her toe and since then has had arthritic pain in her big toe. I took “Peppy” over to her place heated, and like an obedient pup he sat on Hazel’s foot, which she said felt wonderful. Hazel’s husband passed away in April. Yesterday Hazel told me she warms up Peppy and cuddles him in bed. When Peppy cools off she puts him on Dick’s pillow.

You will never have any idea how happy you have made our daughter Claudia.Your generosity is very appreciated, and please believe me when I say that the Warm Buddy Claudia had before meant the world to her. I never thought in a million years that her bunny could have a replacement, but kitty has done it!!! You and your team at the Warm Buddy Company are a step closer to heaven in our books.

Hi – we purchased a Warm Puppy in Port Carling, Ontario and our new dog (yes, dog) LOVED it… it was his favorite toy. He carried it around, slept with it, and generally loved it. We just flew to Sarasota for a vacation and we left the Warm Puppy on the plane by accident!! Is there any chance we could purchase two Warm Puppies for our puppy? Please advise. It would make us all very happy…

I was given a Warm Puppy for Christmas. I am a reflexologist and began using it with my clients after adding a drop of lavender essential oil. Wow! How they love to cling to their Warm Puppy. Also, I work with the women of the downtown eastside. Their reaction is the same. For me, it is a heartwarming and emotional experience to see how the Warm Puppy arouses loving, warm, safe feelings and perhaps nurturing memories in those who have been treated poorly. Of course, it has the same effect on me.

Just wanted to let you know our Warm Buddy cat arrived safely today, and my 4 year old is more than thrilled! Thanks so much for your prompt concern and resolve of our problem! Happy customer,

Over the holidays I received your cozy blanket as a gift from my husband. I have to say it is an amazing product. I have never felt anything so soft. Do you have any plans to produce a duvet cover version?

I wanted to say thank you so much for replacing my shoulder bag. I received it weeks ago, but wanted to test it out to make sure the same problem didn’t happen again. It hasn’t. In fact, I am so impressed by way you handled the problem that you’ve made me a customer for life and I can guarantee that I will have nothing but good things to say about your products. The way a company handles itself is very important to me, more so than price or product line. The integrity that you showed, standing behind your product 100% is something that I admire.

It is so hard for a parent to watch a child when their little one is experiencing aches and pains. When you know there isn’t a lot you can do for them, except maybe give them a hot cloth or a cold compress to try and make them feel a teensy bit better.

Warm Buddies are the original warm-up animals. Each Warm Buddy comes with a removable inner pack that can be warmed in the microwave or cooled in the freezer as desired. A Warm Buddy helps young children to settle at bedtime and fall asleep quickly. Excellent sleep therapy for kids and parents! Warm Buddy won a PTPA (Parent Tested Parent Approved) award for “excellence in parenting products”.

For heat therapy you place the inner core in the microwave for 1-2 minutes. I suggest starting at one and then increasing it if it isn’t warm enough, the bag can burn, and when you’re using it with small children you don’t want it to be overly hot, just warm enough to soothe. When we heated ours we got just under 2 hours of radiant heat out of our Warm Buddy. Plenty of time to drift off to sleep!

The Small Cream Beary Bear that we received is created from the softest fur and natural contents. It is the snuggliest little thing and your child (quite possibly even you!) will want to wrap their arms around it. Now these shouldn’t be used with infants obviously, but I do believe that this would make a fabulous baby gift. Products like these are the ones that years later when your kids are big you say, “Man, I wish I would have had something like that when my kids were 3 (or 4, or 8…).

Not only is it a practical gift, the bear itself is a beautiful keepsake that children will have fond memories of when they grow older. “Warm Buddy Beary Bear was the stuffie I wanted to sleep with when I was sick”, kind of memories.

I was so excited to do a review on the Wooly the Sheep from Warm Buddy. Wooly the Sheep is wooly, wooly cute! I received the 13″ Wooly the Sheep and it is perfect for bedtime companion. An inner heat pack keeps you and him warm and comfortable throughout the night. My daughter Brielle really enjoys sleeping with her Wooly the Sheep. Brielle loves to warm her Wooly the Sheep up at bedtime so she can be nice and warm and fall asleep comfortable all through the night. I would recommend these Warm Buddies to everyone with children of all ages.

Warm Buddy products are great for me because I have back trouble and my back is frequently bothering me! Warm Buddy products are natural heat therapy products. You heat the products (or their inserts) in the microwave and the warmth will last for quite a while! I was really impressed with how long they stay warm. You can also put your Warm Buddy in the freezer to cool you on hot days!

The other day my back was killing me from an extra-tough dance class. I put the Warm Buddy Body Wrap in the microwave and then lay on the floor with the wrap on my back. It held its heat for more than an hour and helped my back loosen up. The Body Wrap is 10” by 20”, which means it covered pretty much my entire back. I love that it comes with a washable cover made out of really soft fabric – mine is the sage swirl color! It’s a fairly heavy wrap so it really does a good job staying on your back (stomach, whatever – it would be great for menstrual cramps) without sliding off. The grains make it conform to the shape of my back (crooked), to make it even more beneficial.

I love that Warm Buddy is involved in charity work. They list the groups they work with on their website. You’ve got to go to the news page on their website and scroll down to the pictures of the baby red pandas cuddling with their Warm Buddies! I can almost guarantee you’ll want to saw “awww”!

From time to time, I would have some back pain. Typically, I just try to tough it out. But as I get older, I find it harder to tough it out. As such, I have been looking for ways to ease my discomfort. I was lucky enough to have received a single body wrap from Warm Buddy to review.

First of all, the company sells the body wrap in a variety of nice designs. The one I received was the cream swirl design and it is very pretty. I just placed it in a microwave for 2 to 3 minutes each time and then I would put it on my back. The body wrap is very comfortable and it helps me with my aches and pains a great deal.

The second product the company sent me was a beary bear. On the back of the bear there is a pocket where a heating pad is stored. You can heat the heating pad in the microwave for a couple of minutes and then put it back into the bear to help your child with his/her aches and discomforts. Of course, you can also use it as a regular cuddling bear. It actually smells so good that DD has been sleeping with it. I have tried several different heating pads before, but I have to say that the 2 products I received by Warm Buddy are by far my favorites.

The Warm Buddy Body wrap is right up my alley. No doubt about it. As you can see, the body wrap is a great size for us grown-ups. The body wrap can also be heated in the microwave or cooled in the freezer. Inside there are natural grains and lavender flowers. This body wrap can be used on the shoulders, back, neck, stomach or hips. It comes in several different colors and has a washable cover. I have already put both items to good use. I love that all items from Warm Buddy are made of all natural ingredients. Warm buddy has the PTPA seal- (parent tested parent approved) Awesome!

This is way to cute and a great idea all at the same time! Warm Buddy sent my daughter this adorable Baby Wooly. Warm Buddies are the original warm-up plush animals. It is “Oh So Soft” plus it comes with an inner heating/cooling pack. It is my daughter’s new favorite Baby (she calls all her stuffed animals “Baby”) to sleep with.

When I was pregnant with my daughter I was extremely hot all the time. I would wake up every morning and my bed would be drenched in sweat. Still to this day, my daughter is an extremely hot little person. It does not take her long to start sweating when playing. The Baby Wooly helps keep her a little cooler at night when first going to sleep so she is more comfortable snuggling up to her new baby. I placed the heating/cooling pack in the freezer for 2 hours then place it inside of the Baby Wooly through a Velcro opening. The contents inside the pack are natural milled rice and the instructions also say that you can add a few drops of essential oils for aromatherapy benefits.

I was fortunate enough to receive a Baby Wooly Warm Buddy for Review. This little lamb is the softest little buddy. And then to add to that the effect of having either a hot pack or cold pack inside is just amazing. It is an incredibly relaxing feeling to cuddle up with a stuffed animal that is releasing heat. This really is supposed to be for my daughter, but I have been using it as much as I can! The Warm Buddies are also available in a variety of cuddly friends and are made in Canada. This truly is a unique and wonderful product.

This is a really great product I have to share tonight. It is called Warm Buddy. I received the Cream color small Beary Bear. My children love it! There is a removable heat pack inside the bear. You heat it up in the microwave for 1-2 minutes (making sure not to overheat), then insert into the bear, close the Velcro and let your child enjoy the warm, huggable bear. Great to relieve stress, or encourage sleep. The bear is adorable! A beautiful cream color, very soft and cuddly and he is smiling! You can also add a few drops of essential oils to the pack for aromatherapy benefits. The pack can also be placed in a Ziploc bag and placed in the freezer for up to an hour for use as a cool pack. For each Bear sold Warm Buddy makes a contribution to Bears Matter. An organization that helps to rehabilitate bears and care for cubs in need. My daughter sometimes has trouble sleeping and This Warm Buddy Bear helps.

I wish I could buy everyone a Warm Buddy. I have been taking one to bed for many years now and it is the best cure for my stubborn insomnia. It’s gentle heat warms up the whole bed and it just soothes the sole when you climb in with it. It is at the top of my list for gift giving for loved ones.

I just bought one for my favourite uncle who was just recently diagnosed with cancer. He has lost so much weight and says he always feels chilled, and doesn’t want to take the chance of burning himself again with his heating pad.

I also gifted one to my best friend for Valentines. She is feeling low after a recent split with her boyfriend. She now climbs into bed with a Warm Buddy. Using them is safe and easier than boiling water – – you just need a microwave. It also does double duty as a cold pack for aches and pains. Everyone should know about this miracle cure.

“I love my new slippers!!!!!I wear them around the house without the insert and when I sit to watch a program I heat up the inserts and it’s so toasty and cozy…..the perfect gift for me:)”

Just started the 2024 New Year off ordering another “Warm Buddy.”

My daughter and I can’t sleep without them and she is away and forgot to bring hers.

The company says they can ship one to her  within a day or two.

I found out by going on the web site they have even larger ones now.

I can’t say enough good things about this product. Try the warming socks if you have cold feet!