Spa Products Information

Welcome your client into your Spa and place a Warm Buddy Shoulder Wrap around their shoulders to provide therapeutic heat, which will help relax and comfort them. This lets the client know right away that your goal is to pamper and take care of them with Warm Buddy Spa Products.

Ultra Shoulder WrapThe shoulder wrap can be applied during manicure and pedicure treatments. The shoulder wrap relaxes and keeps clients feeling cozy and pampered. Easy to use with three minutes in the microwave, add a few drops of aromatherapy oil and your client will be in bliss. Your staff will appreciate the benefits of the shoulder wrap when they use it themselves.

Aromatheray Sleep Mask

The Warm Buddy Warming Blanket or the Ultra Body Wrap is simple to use. Warm in the microwave for a few minutes and place on the treatment beds or around the client to provide additional soothing warm comfort.

Eye pillows – one has to try this product to truly understand the enhanced relaxation this product provides. Used in conjunction with a massage treatment, the eye pillow, with its aromatherapy and acupressure features, allows the client to relax deeply. When the client is laying on their back, place a disposable tissue between the eyes and the eye pillow for sanitation purposes. The eye pillow will keep the light away from the eyes and enhances the full massage experience.

Other Spa products include warm up mitts for the hands and warm up slippers for the feet. The penetrating heat of the mitts and booties increases circulation enhancing the use of lotions, oils and paraffin resulting in a more effective treatment. Slippers are a pampering solution to keeping clients feet warm during any type of treatment.

Warm Buddies are the original warm-up animals. Each comes with a removable inner pack that can be heated in the microwave. Warm Buddies are a wonderful retail opportunity for any spa.

Once client has experienced a Warm Buddy Heat Wrap, they are motivated to take the experience home.


his and hers robesWe have sold thousands of Warm Buddy products over the past few years. Clients love to take them home. Retail sales of all Warm Buddy products have been fantastic.” D. Navia – St Anne’s Spa Grafton Ontario.

“We’ve been using Warm Buddy products in our esthetics Studio for about 10 years now. Our guests love the warm neck wrap with their pedicures and almost always want to purchase one to take home. We use warming mitts with all of our manicures and slide them on after the cuticle oils and lotions are massaged in. Not only does it feel wonderful, but the heat helps the lotions penetrate better. The body wrap is a hit with facial clients. The warm wrap is placed on the bed to warm the sheets, and then we let our guest place it on her chest and tummy so she is enveloped in cozy warmth. We’ve just added the plush spa robes for our guests to wear between services, and the first day we brought them in guests already wanted to purchase them.
Using Warm Buddy Spa products for our services creates the feeling of luxury, and enhances the value of the service, not to mention the fabulous retail opportunities.”
Beverly Ashdown Nail Spa and Esthetique Studio – Saskatoon SK

Take the Spa Experience home

Warm Buddy products are easy to display and sell due to attractive packaging, luxurious fabrics including cozy fabrics and elegant silks. Warm Buddy products are designed to be a comforting gift for anyone. Additional Warm Buddy products include a specially designed Sport Wrap for men, Ultra Cozy Throws, fabulous Spa Robes and the incredible Warm Buddy Warm-Up animals.

The Warm Buddy Company is Canadian manufacturer of high quality products that make people feel good. If it helps people and feels good we do it!! ♥