All Heat Therapy Products are NOT The Same

The Ultimate Moist Heat Therapy: Warm Buddy!

Ultra Shoulder Wrap

Ultra Shoulder Wrap

Most people are familiar with Hot / Cold therapy for pain and muscle aches, but not all heat packs are created equal. There are two categories of heat: Moist Heat and Dry Heat.

Warm Buddy’s Moist Heat Therapy Products are the Ultimate in healing aches and pains.

Moist heat can penetrate to the source of your pain deep inside the muscle tissue faster than a dry heat. This promotes blood circulation and brings much needed oxygen and take away waste to heal damaged tissues resulting in more effective and faster in pain relief.

Using moist heat therapy is much better for your skin compared to dry heat. Dry heat will remove moisture from the skin and dry it out. Moist heat will not only prevent dry skin but also increase skin elasticity.

Electric plug in heating pads are sources of dry heat. They may provide short term relief but the pain will come back from deep inside the muscle tissues.

Many other microwavable heat packs out in the market today are also dry sources of heat. Packs made with synthetic materials, plastic beads, gel packs, and flax/wheat fillings will create dry heat and may get too hot for the skin. Drying these products out causes diminished heat holding and may become flammable. Although some grain filled heat packs may give off moist heat when new, they will dry out in short amount of time.

Heat Packs filled with milled rice are an excellent source of moist heat. We’ve all been told when an electronic device gets wet by accident, to put it in a bucket of rice. This is because rice is a great absorber of moisture. Warm Buddy Heat Therapy Products are filled with rice so they will not dry out over time, even with repeated use. Moisture is released from the heat pack and will re-absorb moisture from the air. Warm Buddy Heat Therapy Products will continuously provide moist heat for your relaxation, comfort, and pain relief.