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Heat Therapy and Essential Oils for Pain Relief

Toothache and Sensitivity During Winter In most cases, tooth pain is caused by a cavity or an exposed root, but believe it or not, cold weather can also trigger sensitivity and pain, and even worsen the symptoms of pre-existing dental problems. Furthermore, 1 in 8 adults may have tooth sensitivity to cold, which only intensifies during the […]

How To Choose Essential Oils for A Better Sleep

How To Choose Essential Oils for A Better Sleep Anyone who has spent a sleepless night knows the toll that it can take on both the mind and the body. Regular, uninterrupted sleep is a critical component of good health. Unfortunately, though, around 1 in three individuals experience mild to severe forms of insomnia. Many people try sleeping pills, […]

Top 5 Reasons to Try a Weighted Blanket

Top 5 reasons to try a weighted blanket or weighted lap pad   What is a weighted blanket? It is a heavy blanket filled with pellets that help distribute weight evenly across the body to promote relaxation. Weighted blankets have long been used in the occupational therapy field as an aid for children on the […]

Sweet Dreams: 7 Reasons Why Sleep Is Good For You

A recent study revealed that one in three Canadians is sleep-deprived. Given the known links between quality of sleep and mental and physical health, this is a very worrying statistic that needs to be addressed. Raising an awareness of the importance of sleep is vital, together with ways in which you can regularly sleep well. […]

10+ Uses of Lavender

Lavender and its many uses Lavender: Do you remember as a child walking past lavender and pulling off a few of the flowers and squeezing them between your fingers and smelling the sweet aroma all the way home? Now when you do the same thing in milliseconds it takes you back to your childhood. A […]

Lost Dream Pet Bear *Cuteness Alert!*

  Poor Katelyn had lost her Dream Pet Bear sometime in the spring of this year. She was so attached to the bear that her mother, Alanna, made her a LIFE SIZE Warm Buddy Bear for her Halloween Costume! Very talented mom!! If you have any information regarding the disappearance of this bear, please let […]

Creating the Perfect Sleep Environment

Our Warm Buddy Body Wrap and Aromatherapy Sleep Mask were recently reviewed by Dr. Cary A. Brown. She is a Professor at the Faculty of Rehabilitation Medicine at the University of Alberta. Body Wrap This product is well suited for many people to help promote sleep. Research shows that one way to help people fall asleep naturally […]

Heat Wrap Therapy

Sports medicine researchers at the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey (UMDNJ) have concluded that heat wrap therapy is more effective for relieving lower back pain than drugs such as ibuprofen and acetaminophen. The results were published in Spine Magazine. In the six-month study involving 371 patients, participants were given the maximum recommended […]