Lost Dream Pet Bear *Cuteness Alert!*



Poor Katelyn had lost her Dream Pet Bear sometime in the spring of this year.

She was so attached to the bear that her mother, Alanna, made her a LIFE SIZE Warm Buddy Bear for her Halloween Costume! Very talented mom!!

If you have any information regarding the disappearance of this bear, please let us know.



Six years ago my newborn twins were given Warm Buddy Bears (one was lilac and beige; one brown and beige). The lilac one went missing in a snow storm four years ago.
My daughter Katelyn has been so attached to Buddy (the brown one) that I actually made her a life-size Buddy costume this past Halloween (see picture attached).
At Christmas I tried to find a replacement lilac one her twin was missing; as the styles have changed I ended up ordering the cat and two mini-vintage-style brown buddies.
And now Katelyn has lost Buddy- he’s been missing since spring. 🙁
Do you have any of the old style left somewhere in a box or closet? I’d love to buy a brown and/or lilac one if you have.
Thanks for your time,

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