Aromatheray Sleep Mask

Creating the Perfect Sleep Environment

Our Warm Buddy Body Wrap and Aromatherapy Sleep Mask were recently reviewed by Dr. Cary A. Brown. She is a Professor at the Faculty of Rehabilitation Medicine at the University of Alberta.

Body Wrap

This product is well suited for many people to help promote sleep. Research shows that one way to help people fall asleep naturally is to raise the core body temperature slightly. When the heat source is removed, the core body temperature drops. This slight drop in core body temperature signals the body to make certain hormones that help with sleep. The heated body wrap, either held across the lap, or laying lengthwise on top of the body, is ideal to raise core body temperature slightly. Then, when the wrap cools, core body temperature will start to drop and you are more likely to fall asleep. The key is the heating up and then cooling down process. That’s why we like to be cozy when we go to bed but cannot sleep if it is too warm all night long. The Body Wrap is very pleasant to hold and soft on the skin. The aromatherapy is relaxing as well. People I spoke to all felt that the way the Body Wrap draped and conformed for full body contact was a very positive feature. Research also shows that moderate pressure, for most people, is more relaxing than light and so the weight of the Body Wrap is also helpful to produce a pleasant, relaxing sensation.

Aromatherapy Sleep Mark

This is the best sleep mask I have ever tried! I and three other people tried it out and we all agreed it conforms to the contours of your face perfectly and does not allow any light to creep in around the edges. This is important for sleep because as soon as the light level (measured in lux) in the bedroom is 30 lux or greater, your body slows down the production of hormones that you need to go to sleep and stay asleep. Thirty lux is equivalent to the light level at dusk and the average office is about 300-500 lux. The strap needed some adjusting the first time but we all agreed that the nice wide elastic band was more comfortable than the thin elastics on most sleep masks. The cover material is very comfortable and did not irritate anyone’s skin. We tried the mask heated, room temperature and cooled in the fridge- and it was comfortable at all three temperatures. The slight weight and the aromatherapy were also very pleasant and relaxing. Most sleep mask get discarded in frustration because they shift around as you try to go to sleep and that did not happen with this product.

For more information about passive body warming to help promote sleep they can look at:

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